Move over the healing art of acupuncture, and welcome to a different type of healing – the healing part of Artupunktura 2022 in Zagreb.

Zagreb is a living, breathing organism. Its streets throb with people's energy; its parks and squares echo the footsteps of its inhabitants and visitors like a heartbeat. They are the ones for whom Artupunktura is intended – a collaboration of partners and friends of culture and creation, aimed at awakening the city's vital energy through joint artistic activities at specific locations in the city. The Artupunktura project approaches the individual as a unique artistic and social phenomenon, serving the beauty and value that comes from the signatures of the authors behind the work. These works, strategically arranged in numerous sites around us, will write another story of Zagreb.

Last year's inaugural Artupunktura festival certainly infused a cultural injection into city life, for locals and tourists alike. One of the strengths of Zagreb's vision is its determination to use as much of the city as possible to showcase events – from parks to museums, streets and courtyards to historic buildings and theatres. There is a cultural injection seemingly at every street corner. All over the city.

This year's Artupunktura will take place from September 15, and will expand significantly from last year's introduction, to more than 20 locations all over the city.

Last year's locations, which included the Archaeological Museum, Academy of Fine Arts, Ilica Q'ART Gallery, Lauba, Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, and many other galleries, will be joined by new locations and projects, which will drip feed art and culture into the lifeblood of the city.

Among the many highlights in this expanded second edition is Art & the City, which will transform the city's billboards, street lights, and open spaces with more than 500 pieces of art by Croatian and international artists. The Ilica Q'ART project, now in its sixth year, will once again transform Zagreb's longest street into micro-climate of art and experimentation. Among this year's exhibitions will be 'Social Processes', representing work of artists who have initiated and marked social processes in the city through art.

The rising talent of young artists will be showcased at the Academy of Fine Arts, with no less than 5 separate exhibitions showcasing their work. More up and coming artistic talent will be on display on Vlaška with three separate exhibitions of young artists at the 36th Mountains Festival.

While Artupunktura is primarily about infusing art into the soul all over the city, there will be plenty of opportunity for art collectors, who should head to Art Zagreb, the 5th edition of this Croatian art market. This year's spotlight is on 6 Ukrainian galleries, in partnership with the Ukrainian Gallerists Association.

For long-running tradition, check out the Zagreb Salon, now in its 57th year, with its '30 Scenes from 30 Years' exhibition.

Looking to combine art with an active lifestyle? Check out the Gallery Rally, pick up your rally map, and collect your tokens as you embark of a tour of participating galleries on the rally, who have all adapted their working hours to host the rally.

ART in my KVART, ART by KNAP! is an opportunity to meet and co-create with living artists in some of the city's lesser known locations. Artupunktura really is injecting life into all corners of the city. And look out for Art Bubble, a concept of pop-up galleries all over the city, featuring an exhibition called 'The Secret of a Well-Dressed Women.'

Art will be prevalent all over the outdoor spaces of Zagreb, with the Maksimir Park transforming its billboards to canvases to show how art and artists are integral elements of a healthy society, while eastern Zagreb will participate with 3 exhibitions in Dubrava.

Art belongs to the past, present and future, so look out for augmented reality 3D sculptures all over the city as part of Art Future. And Zagreb's most famous and photogenic tunnel will be transformed once more, as Grič Tunnel hosts UpArt and the Flower Buds installation, which explores the versatility of used and discarded objects.

And SO Much more. The full programme is available on the official website.

September in Zagreb is a time to enjoy the heartbeat and lifestyle of the city, walking its streets and parks, inhaling the vitality of the local arts and cultural scene. Artupunktura is the latest initiative in the city which is bringing together its residents, artists, and visitors to celebrate the cultural diversity as the season – and the colours – begin to change into Autumn.

A magical thing to experience.