In the very center of Zagreb an unusual and valuable encounter awaits you; a single monument which introduces no less than two world-famous greats: inventor Nikola Tesla and the author of his monument, sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Apart from the fact that both were world-renowned geniuses who changed the world, each in his own way, you might not know that they were also friends. They had something else in common: they both left their homeland Croatia to go to the US and contributed significantly to the modern civilization, each in his own way.

If you wish to see Tesla’s inventions first-hand, the Technical museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb will help you find out more about the practical work of the world-famous inventor. There you can visit the Nikola Tesla Demonstration Cabinet in which attractive experiments take place and replicas of his inventions are displayed. Also there is a possibility to find out more about the life of one of the world’s greatest inventors via interesting exhibits in the capital of the country where he was born.

(Foto: Technical Museum Nikola Tesla)