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Zagreb is a city deeply rooted in the European cultural space to which it contributes immeasurable cultural value. Take a walk through the streets and squares whose excellent monuments have become symbols of the city and among them the work of a famous sculptor, Ivan Meštrović. Make an appointment in the city centre, next to the monument of Nikola Tesla, the inventor who determined the development of civilisation with his inventions or visit galleries and museums to take in all the creations of these two greats with a Croatian and an American address.


Zagreb Facts

Known as the “Špica”, the pedestrianized stretch between Ban Jelačić Square and Petar Preradović Square (also known as Flower Square) is Zagreb's celebrated cofee strip.

Hotel Esplanade was built in 1925. It provided luxury lodging to Orient Express passengers on their route from Paris to Istanbul.

The Zagreb funicular is the world's shortest cable railway used for public transport. The 64-second ride covers a distance of 66 meters.

On one night every year museums stay open late and entry is free. The event is known as the Night Of Museums, and is held in Zagreb and other cities across Croatia.

The aluminium statue of this great Croatian writer was made in 1972 by sculptor Ivan Kožarić. It is a fiting tribute to a true aficionado of Zagreb.

Animated series Professor Balthazar is the bestknown product of the Zagreb School of Animated Films. The broadcasting rights to this children’s classic have been sold in 30 countries worldwide.

The Botanical Garden prides itself on a collection of more than 5,000 plant species and subspecies, 300 of which are protected.

Surrounded by landscaped greenery, Zagreb's largest cemetery Mirogoj is also a wonderful openair sculpture park.

Opened in 1794, Maksimir is the oldest and, according to many locals, the most beautiful of Zagreb’s parks. Maksimir stretches across 316 hectares, an area almost equal in size to that of New York's Central Park.

Gas lamps were first introduced in Zagreb in 1863. Today, more than 200 of them are still in use.

First mentioned back in 1355, The Black Eagle is the oldest pharmacy in the Zagreb region.

The noise generated by the Grič cannon can be as loud as 130 decibels. When it is fired at noon every day, its sound can even be heard south of the river Sava.

Zagreb Classic: Excellent Music Experience Under the Stars

A sign that summer has arrived in Zagreb, among other things, is the start of the Zagreb Classic, a festival of excellent classical music under the stars at one of the most beautiful city squares.

Lado Electro project: traditional, yet modern

Can traditional sound modern? In other words, how to color modern music with tradition? The Lado Electro project shows that the result of this unconventional pairing can be very appealing.

Zagreb School of Animated Film

The Zagreb School of Animated Film has seen its worldwide success crowned with multiple awards, including an Oscar.

Vatroslav Lisinski, Croatia's first opera composer

History remembers the composer Vatroslav Lisinski as the author of the first Croatian opera, and Zagreb's concert hall was named after him.

Cravat Regiment: Are you wearing a tie?

The changing of the guard is an attractive program performed in Zagreb by the Croatian Armed Forces' Cravat Regiment, and it is based on a tradition that dates back to the 17th century.

The projects Ilica: Q'Art and Okolo, each in its own way, change Zagreb

Through community interaction in a public space, the city becomes more beautiful, pleasant and different compared to yesterday.

Gavella Drama Theater: a unique approach to dramatic opus

For almost seven decades, Gavella Drama Theater has nurtured a unique approach to staging plays, and the Gavella Evenings event has been held for more than three decades, during which awards are presented to notable plays and their actors.

Ambiental installation: solar system closer than ever

A coffee break in the city's very center is a quite unexpected starting point for a most interesting and pleasant solar system lesson. When you're in Zagreb, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto... are closer than you could ever imagine.

The life of a city: the women who pushed boundaries

Every city's history is written by its inhabitants, each in their own way. In this historical and existential distribution of roles, a special place belongs to women, both known and unknown...

Zagreb’s chroniclers: suspended time

Much has been said about the relationships between cities and their writers. Only this much is certain – the city is their inspiration, and they, in turn, are the lasting guardians of the tales of its life and history. Walk around Zagreb and stand next to some of the city's chroniclers, and then, in their verses, stories or novels, find Zagreb as it once was, and maybe even is today.

Street Art: New Face of the City

Did you know that Zagreb hosts one of the top 10 murals in the world? In 2016 at the Festival d’art public in Montreal this flattering title was awarded to the Zagreb mural the Blue Whale of the French street artist Étien.

Slavoljub Penkala: from Zagreb to the World

In 1906 Slavoljub Penkala patented a mechanical pencil called Penkala, and in the same year he opened his first shop in what is today Praška Street. This was where the mechanical pencil and the fountain pen started their world trip…

Ivan Meštrović: the City as a Gallery

Did you know that two great sculptors, a Croat Ivan Meštrović and a Frenchman Auguste Rodin were friends? Even more, the French great said that Meštrović was “a miracle among sculptors” describing Meštrović as an even greater sculptor than himself.

Marija Jurić Zagorka: Chronicler of Zagreb Who Challenged Stereotypes

Many were impressed with her talent which allowed her to write using her analytical and sharp mind, but according to social norms of the late nineteenth century it was simply unacceptable for a journalist to be a woman.

Lifestyle: The Joy of Life

Many tourists speak enthusiastically about the atmosphere and lifestyle in Zagreb, this wonderful combination of business and leisure, the fact that is both vibrant and safe, which is very important.

Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra: Beauty and Joy of Music

In the renowned Carnegie Hall in New York the performance of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra was met and accompanied by a long applause. The orchestra was admired in concert halls of numerous other cities on all continents. Nevertheless, stages of the City of Zagreb are its most frequent and dearest destination.

Open-Air Events: When the City Becomes a Stage

For many musicians, Zagreb is a famous, renowned and indispensable destination.

Music: Are There Any Tickets Left?

Famous music festivals of various genres, attractive concerts; all of this is a part of the Zagreb scene which is pushing boundaries, making Zagreb an attractive open-air stage.

Stories created by locals

The Croatian Soundscript

Sound-based app triggered by BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons, mounted at most streetcar and bus stops in Zagreb, as well as throughout Zagreb’s historical attractions and city parks. The app features primarily the unpublished short stories by Croatian writers and a selection of outstanding short stories written by high school students.