For seven decades LADO has performed on Croatian and world stages, keeping a precious national treasure alive. The National Folk Dance Ensemble was founded in 1949 and since that time it has researched, gathered, arranged and put on stage pieces from the rich tradition of Croatian music and dance. Brilliant singers and dancers, top professionals with more than a hundred choreographies and hundreds of instrumental, vocal and dance numbers thrill with their perfectly synchronized performances, but also with their authentic national costumes of exceptional value and beauty. This means that every performance of this unique ensemble, in addition to songs and dances, is also a fashion show of Croatian traditional costumes.

The ensemble has performed on stages of some of the world's most prestigious theatres and concert halls which include the Royal Albert Hall in London, Broadway theatres in New York, the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow and the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv, in numerous opera houses, as well as at festivals, world exhibitions, the Olympic Games and similar events.

All this makes LADO a unique project in the world, a professional but also always inspired, fine-tuned ensemble whose performances are colored with special emotions that they easily convey to the audience.

(Foto: LADO Ensemble, Author: Petra Slobodnjak)