During almost 70 years of being active in music, Zagreb Soloists have performed on all continents, sharing joy of Baroque, Classical, Romantic and contemporary music with their admirers.

The ensemble was founded in 1953 and since that time they held around 4000 concerts in the largest world centers and most prestigious concert venues such as the Musikverein in Vienna, Royal Festival Hall in London, Berlin Philharmonic Hall in Berlin, Tchaikowski Hall in Moscow, Opera House in Sydney and the renowned Carnegie Hall in New York. They also regularly perform at the most renowned music festivals, and the greatest musicians of present times have played music with them.

Naturally, their performances are most frequently linked to the music stages of Croatia, especially Zagreb. And in their city they have also performed in unexpected spaces such as the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, the terminal of the Zagreb airport, central farmer’s market Dolac, the Zoo and many other venues, bringing the joy of music to their fellow citizens.

Zagreb soloists and Zagreb have a very special love story.