The Croatian architect of German descent, who spent most important period in life and business in Zagreb, was a famous constructor and renovator of Zagreb in the second half of the nineteenth and the early twentieth century. He left a permanent mark on this city, designing some of its hot spots. Some of the city symbols were his ideas, such as the weather station and fountains in Zrinjevac Park, the building of the Museum of Arts and Crafts and of the trade school. Under the guidance of Bollé and in line with his ideas many important buildings in Zagreb were renovated, the most famous of which is certainly the cathedral. The beautiful complex of Zagreb’s cemetery Mirogoj, where the architect was buried, is his work as well. Its impressive architectural features are one of the main reasons why numerous tourists visit it. Bollé educated generations of competent craftspeople who made Zagreb famous as an important center of decorative arts at the time. In such a way they left a permanent mark on Zagreb, Bollé’s most beautiful, most important and certainly his dearest monument.