But this is not just a temporary infatuation with Zagreb’s lifestyle; it is a permanent value and a deep mutual connection between the city, its citizens and visitors.

In Zagreb everything is close at hand so to get from one tourist attraction to another, to a theatre of your choice, a museum, a favorite restaurant, a hotel or a park you can go on foot without having to deal with the stress of waiting in traffic jams. In restaurants and bars in Zagreb you will soon find your own favorite spot, and a favorite dish of a rich taste which has been forgotten in other places. For most of the year you can enjoy yourself on their terraces. Soon you will be recognized as a regular customer and return there again and again.

The rhythm of streets in Zagreb, hospitable people and a pleasant atmosphere with the right work- life balance will soon dazzle you in the same way they thrilled many who decided that Zagreb should become their permanent residence. They had many good reasons.