World-famous sculptor, architect and painter Ivan Meštrović lived both in Croatia and in the US and left a permanent artistic mark in both countries.

Even though his artwork is found in many museums, galleries and public places around the world, most of them are located in his homeland, Croatia and in Zagreb, to which he left his valuable legacy in a deed on donation. Visit his home and atelier in Zagreb, stroll through the city in which you can encounter his works: the Well of Life (Zdenac života) in front of the Croatian National Theatre, a monument to inventor Nikola Tesla, a monument to the renowned bishop from Đakovo and an Enlightenment thinker Josip Juraj Strossmayer, to scientist Ruđer Bošković and others. One of the architectural symbols of Zagreb, the Home of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists, is his work as well. Citizens of Zagreb refer to it as “Meštrović’ pavilion” as homage to the author. His religious artwork is visible in the Church of Christ the King (Crkva Krista Kralja) in Trnje and in the famous St. Mark’s parish church in the Upper Town whose sculptures and relief he sculpted.

Saying that Zagreb is an outdoor gallery of statutes made by Meštrović is not an exaggeration.