The streets, buildings, and public spaces in Zagreb have been decorated by hands, imagination and heart of Croatian and foreign urban artists, graffiti artists, the most famous of whom are Boris Bare, Lonac, Chez, Lunar, Étien, Oko and others. In such a way the city becomes a canvas for a new artistic expression and an exciting record of the time we live in and of people who leave their artistic visions imprinted on the city views. Zagreb’s street-art scene is very rich and is seen as an attraction both by visitors to the city and its citizens. What used to be a shabby park in the Upper Town not so long ago was turned into an exciting Art Park Zagreb, a space of street art and very good, excellent energy.

Street artists as well as everyone who cares about revitalization of spaces that were somewhat forgotten have started interesting projects entitled Around/Okolo, Pimp my Pump, Street Art Museum and others which change and enrich the image of the city, making it one of the destinations which are attractive to all fans of modern street art.

Just when you think you have seen it all, a new face of the city opens in front of your eyes, different today than it was yesterday.