When you least expect it, there is a street performance which is given and disappears in front of your eyes, buskers play and sing or sounds of stars playing attract your attention.

Famous music festivals of various genres, attractive concerts; all of this is a part of the Zagreb scene which is pushing boundaries, making Zagreb an attractive open-air stage. Outdoor concerts, theatre plays and movie screenings in squares, parks and atriums create an image and rhythm of the city whose atmosphere is an important and appreciated expression of its personality.

If cities have souls then the soul of Zagreb is seen, herd, felt and loved more intensely out in the open. The awakening of spring, but also a rich season of open-air events is announced by Zagreb’s Festival of Lights whose imaginative installations add to the beauty of facades, streets and squares. In summer, in the beautiful open-air surroundings of King Tomislav Square, concerts of classical music Zagreb Classic take place. Fans of contemporary music and crazy rhythm from the entire world are drawn by the INmusic festival as well as by the Crossover Festival Zagreb.

For more than half a century, this city has hosted the International Folklore Festival in summer, when the city center is turned into a stage for folklore performers from Croatia and many other countries. Beautiful light attractions of the International Fireworks Festival color the sky above Zagreb. The appealing courtyards of the Upper Town open their doors to the citizens and visitors of Zagreb. This part of the city is also marked by the Summer at the Stross events.

Visitors show enormous interest in the art project Okolo/Around which gathers prominent street artists from Croatia and abroad. They bring less interesting or hidden city spots to life with their visual art or light installations.

The list does not end there, a long string, which is so important for the atmosphere of the city, culminates during the Advent festivities, which have won the title of the best Christmas market in Europe three times.
And the circle is complete and the new begins with a wonderful spring light show.