In putting together the puzzle of life we live today, women played major roles, tearing down prejudices and – throughout history, discretely and often condemned by society – pushing boundaries.  One of the prime examples is Croatia's first professional female journalist and writer Marija Jurić Zagorka, who was forced to hide behind an alias to play an active role in society, in the 19th century as well as until the mid-20th century.

The trail she blazed was followed by many female actors, opera singers, poets, painters, photographers, athletes, pushing the boundaries even further. Some of them achieved world fame, enriching the international art scene, but also the city they came from and which they returned to.

Zagreb paid tribute to its famous and anonymous women with legends and monuments, so now, alongside us, the city streets are inhabited by Marija Jurić Zagorka and the character of Dora Krupićeva from August Šenoa's novel. In addition, the fountain on Zagreb's central square was named Manduševac after Manda, a girl who, according to legend, gave water to a thirsty hero. The Kumica Barica statue in the city's main marketplace Dolac is dedicated to women from Zagreb's surrounding area, who have fed the city throughout history, bringing their produce for sale.

Scientists, artists and athletes, mothers and homemakers, managers of big projects and companies, anonymous and famous... There are many women who pushed boundaries with their knowledge, abilities and persistence, and continue to do so today.