The best Croatian and international artist perform on numerous stages in the city, exhibitions of priceless artistic value are set up or famous musicians and opera singers start their international tours from here. Innovative museums located in Zagreb have become a model and the first link in the chain spreading outside of Croatian, even European borders.

Listen to the music of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra whose tradition goes back one hundred fifty years. Watch a play in the Croatian National Theatre, just as spectators have done since 1895 to this day. Or enjoy the excellent performances of LADO, the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia, which was founded in 1949 and continues to perform today.

There are also classic and modern theatres in which gestures and word intertwine to create a link between art and life, reality and fiction. Zagreb is a city in which art and culture are preserved in beautiful treasure chests of museums, galleries and theatre stages, but they have also left their buildings and greet you in the streets and stores, in completely unexpected or carefully planned open-air encounters.

Zagreb’s culture and art are also treasure chests of beautiful churches or edifices which were designed and shaped by excellent artists with their own hands. Accompanied by renowned poets, writers, composers, sculptors and scientists, who were honoured by the city with monuments, you will have a cup of coffee, unaware of them, waiting for a next interesting meeting. You were waiting for contemporaries and the everyday life of Zagreb gave you a gift of encountering persons preserved in a timeless world of art; art of words, sounds, gestures and paintings. Or all of them at once.

Streets and beautiful open-air venues of the city which has a special atmosphere, as everybody agrees, have always been and still are the best scenery for many interesting works of the international film industry.
Zagreb’s treasure chest is open, and special, personal encounters with a rich, dynamic and varied cultural scene are guaranteed.